Our story

Does organic food taste better? Certainly. And our planet can tell. But that is only one of the reasons why Amaizin products taste so special. By putting 100% organic food from all over the world on the table and enjoying the best exotic meals discovered on the road, 

Amaizin makes the world more sustainable in a fun way. Amaizin uses only the best organic ingredients from farmers with whom it has been cooperating for more than 30 years. Together we work on 1 goal: "Eat the world a better place”.



Grown by dedicated farmers

Our origin


In 1991 in Barneveld, the Netherlands, Poppe Braam founded DO IT ORGANIC as an importer and distributor of organic food ingredients and Italian organic consumer products, including the world kitchen Amaizin.

His experience in the organic field, entrepreneurship and his support to farmers and producers globally, allowed DO IT ORGANIC to grow continuously since the foundation. 


In 2019 Poppe handed over the important mission to make organic agriculture the standard to the next generation. With fresh ideas and a passion for organic food the entire team will keep moving DO IT ORGANIC forward.

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