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The journey of our Amaizin coconut milk starts in the middle of Sri Lanka at Mario De Alwis. This company is actually a whole village with houses, some factories, a launderette and a restaurant. The 600 employees sleep and eat here during the week, so that they have more wages left to save. There are social projects, such as caring for the schooling of employees' children and (financial) support during and after pregnancy for mothers. The coconut farmers who supply the coconut, and who are united in a fair trade association with the help of De Alwis, are also well looked after. Here they believe that a company will die if it only focuses on production and forgets that the soul of the company is in its people.

To maintain the nut-cracking craft and employ more people, the coconuts are partly cracked by hand. So there are certainly no monkeys involved.

The fibrous exterior is buried in the soil around the coconut palms to better retain water. The white meat is pressed into coconut milk and diluted with coconut water to the desired fat content. Just one hour after the nut is cracked, the Amaizin cans are filled and sealed.

The coconut milk comes to the Netherlands by ship, if possible via ships on low-sulphur fuel oil. Via Rotterdam, it goes as far as possible by river to Nijmegen, to travel only the last 60 kilometres by road to DOIT ORGANIC.

Thanks to our direct contact without intermediaries, being transparent is not difficult for us. During our visits to Mario De Alwis, we also pay attention to social issues, such as sanitation and education, and we talk to farmers about their needs.


Support for children in Sri Lanka

For every 400 ml can of coconut milk (17% fat) sold, Amaizin donates 1 eurocent to the Food Science Kitchen project in Sri Lanka.

This project is for children who have finished school in Sri Lanka and helps them to work with modern kitchen equipment and computers.

Usually, these children do not have computers and electrical appliances at home. They learn skills that increase their chances of employment at home and abroad.

Let’s make the world Amaizin!

How to use coconutmilk

Coconut milk is an important ingredient for Asian dishes and can be used perfectly in curries and soups as well as in sweet baking and vegan desserts. Be inspired by the taste of Asia with our global recipes, made with coconut milk.

At lower temperatures, the coconut fat in the milk may harden. This is a natural process. Shaking, heating (au bain-marie) or stirring before use makes the milk smooth again. And always heat the coconut milk while stirring, otherwise it will curdle.


Sajoer Lodeh

Sajoer Lodeh

The longer the flavours are allowed to infuse, the tastier this vegetable curry becomes


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