Planet Friendly

Our planet is suffering and therefore deserves much more attention and care. We do this by promoting organic farming. Organic farming does not use chemical pesticides, artificial fertilisers or genetic modification. Instead, farmers ensure a natural balance between plants and animals

Feeding plants naturally keeps the soil fertile. And by working with crop rotation, growing different crops one after the other, the organic farmer maintains biodiversity as much as possible.

This means less pollution of the soil. So a healthier soil for generations to come. For this reason, organic is not just about food. It is about living in harmony with nature. Taking care of everything that grows and blooms. In other words, keeping our planet healthy. 

That’s what we call Planet Friendly!

100% Natural

All our Amaizin products contain only pure natural ingredients. We love our planet. So we use ingredients made by nature. No ingredients that have undergone chemical processing in a factory. No artificial colours, flavours or fragrances that give the product a different appearance or taste. 

And certainly no unnatural additives that make for a longer shelf life. Only essential flavourings and additives of natural origin. That really is what gives products a 100% Natural flavour! Because honestly, highly processed products have a nasty aftertaste, don't they?


Animal Friendly

Biodiversity is about all the animal and plant species that exist on earth. For "Bio" means life and "Diversity" variety, difference. The world needs this biodiversity. Species and ecosystems produce oxygen, decompose dead animals and plants, pollinate plants and control pests, among other things. Without biodiversity, there is no food. This makes biodiversity a matter of life and death. For ourselves and for our planet.

By feeding plants naturally and working with crop rotation, the soil retains its high fertility and biodiversity. 

And that is exactly how an organic farmer works. Our Amaizin products therefore help to preserve biodiversity.

But at Amaizin, we go one step further when it comes to our animals. This is how we ensure that we can say with 100% certainty that all our coconut milk products are made without the aid of monkeys. Concerns about the use of monkeys as slaves to pick coconuts are unnecessary for our Amaizin products.

That’s what we call Animal Friendly!



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