our origin

We would like to introduce you to the heroes behind our organic products. Because knowing where a product is made tastes much better.

Coconut from Sri Lanka

The journey of our creamy Amaizin coconut milk starts in the middle of Sri Lanka at Mario de Alwis and then is brought to the Netherlands by boat.


corn from europe

Our search for the best organic tortilla chips led us to Europe. Because in North and South America, where tortilla chips originally come from, GMO corn is grown. And that's not Planet Friendly!


rice from Cambodia

In Cambodia, only a few areas of the country have the right soil to grow organic rice. Including the surroundings of Phnom Penh. This is where, under the guidance of Muny Khy, our Amaizin rice paper is made.


pineapple from Sri Lanka

De reis van onze Amaizin ananas begint in Sri Lanka, ten noord oosten van Colombo. Sinds 1997 verbouwt Priyantha hier100% biologische exotische vruchten, waaronder de intens zoete Mauritius ananas.

The journey of our Amaizin pineapple begins in Sri Lanka, north east of Colombo. In 1997, Priyantha set up his company here to export 100% organic exotic fruits, such as the intensely sweet Mauritius pineapple.


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