Travel along with our pineapple

The journey of our Amaizin pineapple begins in Sri Lanka, north east of Colombo. In 1997, Priyantha set up his company here to export 100% organic exotic fruits to Europe. Today, the cooperative has 65 employees and 500 farmer families.

Besides growing exotic fruits, our producer helps farming families from the surrounding villages to find work and a reliable income. But that is not all. 

They learn the intricacies of organically growing pineapple from agricultural engineer Nishantha. He is closely involved in pineapple cultivation, crop rotation and the natural control of common diseases.

The cleaning, peeling, cutting, sorting and filling in cans of the pineapple is done for 80% by hand by women. And the real hard work? That is intended for the men. Male or female, everyone is at least 18 years or older anyway.

support for sunday school

Besides creating work and income for farmer families, Pripa also supports other population groups. The neighbouring temple and Sunday school, for example, are provided with books, clothes and a new schoolroom through a donation. And mentally handicapped people have been employed to maintain the factory premises. In this way, they too can build their own livelihood.


Queen of Pineapple

Our Amaizin pineapple from Sri Lanka is the Mauritius, also called "The Queen of Pineapple". This pineapple is tapered and not round and convex like the usual pineapple. Exactly the reason why it is never used for common pineapple products.

Because of its shape, machine processing is not possible and a lot of handwork is required. In addition, the shape also ensures that one slice in the tin can is larger than the other.

The Mauritius pineapple has a distinct aroma and intensely sweet taste. So it is very suitable for canning in its own juice and without additives.

The pineapple, which originates from Africa or South America, is less sweet, which is why sugar is often added to the juice. As Priyantha always says: "Taste the fruit and feel the nature".

Amaizin, 100% Natural!

tropical vegan mousse

Troplical Vegan Mousse

A light tropical mousse, made of coconut cream and pieces of sweet pineapple from Sri Lanka


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