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In Cambodia, only a few areas of the country have the right soil to grow organic rice. Including the surroundings of Phnom Penh. This is where, under the guidance of Muny Khy, our Amaizin rice paper is made.

The company was established to promote the export of Cambodian organic rice. This was achieved, among other things, by giving farmers an incentive price for their yields.

Today, some 82 agricultural cooperatives, or 10,000 farm households, work with Muny Khy's agricultural agreement. These are mainly poor farmers in the remote mountainous areas with very limited access to the market. In this way, they, too, get a reliable income in addition to work.

Support for rice farmers in Cambodia

Our producer is also closely involved in the lives of 500 smaller Cambodian rice farmers in Lavea district. Providing them with free Jasmine rice seeds will improve their income.

In addition, in Preah Vihear, around 2,000 organic farming families receive training in organic farming and its techniques. With this aid, our producer promotes organic farming in this part of Cambodia and thus contributes to better conditions for people and the environment.

Let’s make the world Amaizin!

This is how rice paper is made

Our Amaizin rice sheets are for 62% made of organic rice. Tapioca starch is added to this. Both organic and locally grown. This starch makes the sheets slightly more elastic and easier to roll. 

After the rice flour and tapioca starch are dissolved in water, the milky substance is poured onto a plate to dry in a belt oven. The shapes are punched out of the thin sheets of rice paper and then packed.

Springrolls met noodles en pinda’s


with crispy vegetables and noodles, made from organic rice paper from Cambodia


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