travel along with our corn

At Amaizin, we travel the world selecting the best organic products and ingredients. Surprisingly, our search for the best organic tortilla chips led us to Europe! Because even in the world of Amaizin we source, if possible, as close to home as possible. To prevent GMO contamination, we produce the Amaizin chips in Europe according to an authentic Mexican recipe. 



Because in North and South America, where tortilla chips originally come from, GMO corn is grown. Because corn is fertilized by the wind, it is almost impossible to grow GMO-free corn in these areas. That is why we only use European corn. That's called Planet Friendly!

High Oleïc sunflower oil

The deliciously crispy organic tortilla chips are gluten-free and are baked in High Oleïc sunflower oil. This unique oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. This makes the chips a healthier choice as well as ensuring a longer shelf life.

The oil is supplied by our French partner, so we know the entire chain from start to finish. 

Let’s make the world Amaizin!

nachoschotel met gehakt


Do you really want to steal the show? Then make this delicious nachos dish! 


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