Refined, mystical and so delicious. Asian cuisine cannot be pigeonholed, but it always hits the spot. Thanks to a good mix of herbs, vegetables and other goodies from nature. To help you on your way, we have already picked out the most indispensable ingredients from Asia. 

Lots of herbs, lots of vegetables and not afraid of a little pepper. Asian cuisine is as mystical as it is popular. But how do you recreate all these Asian delicacies in your own kitchen? With the purest basic ingredients, Amaizin promises an authentic experience on your plate. 

Discover the taste of Thailand, Vietnam, and many other places with our Asian recipes.

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coconut whipping cream


Vegan whipping cream

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Tropical vegan mousse

Tropical vegan mousse

A light tropical mousse, made of coconut cream and pieces of sweet pineapple from Sri Lanka

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mexican products

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So many colours, so many tastes. Mexican cuisine has never made anyone grouchy. And with Amaizin's natural products, this will certainly not happen. Tacos, nachos and tortilla wraps, this is how Mexican food should taste.

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